Girls aged 10-12 years are eligible for the admissions to class 5th, 6th & 7th by appearing in a test on the subjects studied by them in previous classes (e.g. Hindi, English, Mathematics, General knowledge etc.). The pass mark for the examination is 60%. Admission of all students is accepted for studying in Gurukul will be on trial basis for one year. Thereafter, on the basis of the annual progress of the student, a decision will be taken regarding whether or not to continue her admission in the next session.

The admission test will take place on 31st March, those seeking admission need to come to Gurukul and appear in the test. Applicants will have to fill-up and submit the completed admission form with the required fee on the same day.
Please carry the following:

  1. Photocopy of original marksheet of previous class
  2. Passport size photographs (Minimum 2)
  3. Aadhar Card – UID

While studying at Gurukul campus students can meet with parents only after the permission is granted by the Acharya Ji. All Correspondence (letters) of students during their stay at Gurukul must be approved by class teacher, no correspondence is allowed to people other than parents or guardian. Parents can meet with their ward only once in 2 months on Sundays. The duration of meeting should not exceed 2 hours. Anything brought by parents must undergo an inspection by class teacher/Acharya Ji before it is handed over to the student. Parents are not allowed to call students directly on the phone. In any urgency, they can contact Acharya Ji or class teacher. In the Gurukul system, students are not allowed to go on breaks for any festival etc. In extreme situations, Acharya Ji can approve such vacation. However, students must return within the given time period. Any delay in return will attract financial penalty, if delay exceeds 10 days then admission will be cancelled. Students must wear uniform all the time in the campus.
It is mandatory for all students to follow Gurukul discipline, anyone found breaking Gurukul rules and not concentrating on studies will be asked to leave the Gurukul.
Any changes in rules by management will be applicable to all students and parents as required.