Gurukul life

The meaning of ‘Gurukul’ is – Guru’s family where the students study and live under the watchful eye of Acharya. In order to maintain a balance between bookish knowledge and practical knowledge, along with learning, practice is also an important part of the Gurukul system. Therefore, the disciple’s living in Gurukul has been considered mandatory during the schooldays. Keeping this in mind, a full-fledged hostel has been arranged in Gurukul with proper facilities. Here more than 1000 girl students from different provinces live with a great sense of family spirit.

The Gurukul campus has four hostel buildings:


In order to keep the attention of students focused on studies, there was built a set of daily routine for the students to follow. It was also essential that their residence should be different from the householders. For this, it was mandatory for the students to stay in Gurukul during their study period. Be it boys and girls of ordinary families living in huts or princes of palaces, everyone had to get education in some or the other Gurukul. Where from morning till evening they had to follow such a routine which would make them strong in all the three fields – physical, intellectual and spiritual. In this way, those students had to follow two compulsory practices – one Vratābhyāsa and the other Vidyābhyāsa. Under Vratābhyāsa the emphasis was on the bettering of qualities like decency, self-effacement, resilience and ethical conduct, whereas Vidyābhyāsa was just like today’s school education system, in which the main focus is on the prescribed syllabus. The important thing was that it was necessary for the students to pass in both the fields of Vrata and Vidyā. On not being able to give the expected result in any one of the both, the student was given the same education again. Due to which the students were beneficial for the society and the nation by becoming good human beings and good subject experts, who were not only useful for the country due to their academic qualifications, but they were good citizens as well. Efforts are made to replicate this ideal in the modern Gurukul tradition as well. A set sequence of routine helps in the development of these qualities.

School building: widening the horizons of knowledge

Library : a place to slake our thirst for knowledge

Yajñaśālā : the edifice infinitely adds to the charm of the Gurukul

Gauśālā: Imparting us vigour and vitality with their yields