“धर्मार्थकाममोक्षाणामारोग्यं मूलमुत्तमम्” Keeping this in view, Gurukul provides an excellent environment for physical exercise, yoga and sports.
Yoga, exercise and sports are very necessary to keep children physically and mentally healthy. That’s why yoga practice and evening sports are organized daily in Gurukul. Judo, Karate, lathi-bhala etc. are also taught as means of self-protection. From time to time there are special presentations of yoga and sports and competitions are also held. Due to this, enthusiasm remains in children towards these activities.
Thus during their stay at the Gurukul these girls get numerous opportunities to achieve their best. They are able to infinitely expand their personality.

Archery and Yoga

In the field of Games like Archery and Yoga our girls have given best performance at the district, state, national and international level contests.
The girls of Gurukul have established many records in archery. In Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, World Cup, Archery and many other competitions, the girl students of Gurukul have won many medals by performing well and have brought laurels to the country and Gurukul. Girls are given archery training under the supervision of qualified instructors in the secluded and peaceful environment of Gurukul.
Our archers won laurels for the institution by winning many contests at the national and international level. By participating in important contests like Olympics, Asian games, World Cup, National games etc., our archers won countless medals and championships. Thus these determined archers of the Gurukul, while representing the state or the nation (Athens, England, Spain, Turkey, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Srilanka, Mexico, Chile, Doha and Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Aurangabad etc.) won medals.
A glimpse of such achievements is given below:

  • Gold Medals: 220
  • Silver Medals: 180
  • Bronze Medals: 122
  • Championships: 26
    Many a time our girls won the enviable title of the “Sarvashreshtha Dhanurdhar”. ‘Km. Sumangla’ who represented India in the Olympics in 2004, was given “The Rani Laxmibai Award” by the U.P. Government in August 2005.
    A determined Sumangla has become the new ‘standard bearer’ of the Gurukul tradition or the first archer from U.P. to enter the portals of the Olympics.

The relatively new team of Yoga has shown good results in Yoga Competitions with their hard work. In many district, state and national level competitions they have won medals. So far, 79 gold medals, 69 silver medals and 45 bronze medals have been won by the students in various district and state level yoga competitions.

Achievements in Sports

Km. Kiran secured her place in ‘Khelo India’ with about 5 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals at the national level, besides gold medal in national trap shooting (junior mix event) and silver medal in the team and 62nd in the year 2022 Received Gold Medal in Shotgun in ‘National Suiting Championship Competition’ (NSCC).
In the year 2022, Km. Yajyika received bronze medal in 50 meter Indian round and silver medal in Olympic round organized by Kashi University Bathinda.
So far, two hundred 220 gold, 180 silver, 122 bronze medals have been obtained in Archery.
Olympic player Sumangala was conferred with Rani Lakshmibai Award-2004 by Uttar Pradesh Government.
Two students of Gurukul, Km. Varenya and Km. Manisha selected for ‘Khelo India’ scheme in archery.
In the senior, junior and sub-junior archery competitions held during 2020-21, the students performed well and got 17 gold medals, 11- silver medals, 14- bronze medals.
Gurukul’s talented student Km. Ishita after winning gold medal in ‘World Police Games’ got selected in CRPF through archery sports competition.
In ‘Grand live Online Gandhi Jayanti National Yogasana Championship, 2 October 2020’ organized by WHRDO (World Health Research & Development Institute), Preeti secured (AIR-4 th ), Vaibhavi secured (AIR- 19th) position.
So far, 79 gold medals, 69 silver medals and 45 bronze medals have been won by the students in various district and state level yoga competitions.
10 students were selected for the Sub-Junior and Junior National Federation Cup Yogasana Competition.
The 45th Sub Junior, Junior and Senior National Yogasana Competition was organized by the Yoga Federation of India from 15-31 January Live – Online. In which Indu and Sarika got 5th position in their respective age group and Simran got 6th position in Artistic Solo senior. These students were selected for the Federation Cup competition.
By Live-online 5th Federation Cup Yogasana Competition Km. Yashasvi, Indu and Simran got selected for the Asian Championship.
In the year 2023, Km. Kanika, being a part of the participating team of (National Service Scheme) in the Republic Day Parade, performed excellent Yogasanas in front of Hon’ble President, Hon’ble Prime Minister and Defence Minister at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Special Achievements of 2022-23

  • Aryanshi, Yashasvi, Vaibhavi, Urvika, Akanksha, Guruvani and Vartika won 11 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals in the 40th State Level Yogasana Competition organized by Uttar Pradesh Yoga Association.
  • District level competition was organized by National Yogasan Sports Federation (NYSF) at Kanya Gurukul Chotipura, in which Katyayani, Damishka Anantha, Aryesha, Vedika, Richa, Pragya, Vedika, Sakshi Pragya, Aakriti, Muskaan, Kanika, Sarika, Indu, Yashoda , Anjali, Preeti got 16 Gold, 11 Silver and 7 Bronze medals.
  • State level competition was organized by NYSF at Noida Stadium, in which Aakriti, Muskaan, Indu, Sarika, Nisha, Anjali and Preeti got 5 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.
  • In the National Yogasana Competition organized by NYSF in Maharashtra, three junior students Aryanshi, Yashasvi and Aakriti got 3 Silvers in Artistic Group.
  • All India Inter University Yogasana National Championship 2022 was organized in Bhubaneswar, in which Indu, Anjali, Sarika and Simran participated.
  • Khelo India Dus Ka Dum Women’s League’ was organized by the Government of India in Varanasi, in which Vaibhavi, Aryanshi, Nisha, Kanika, Sarika, Yashoda and Indu got 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.
  • The G20 State Level Yogasan Sports Competition was organized by the Government of India. In which Aryanshi, Yashasvi, Urvika, Akanksha, Vaibhavi, Preeti, Vedika, Aryesha, Muskaan, Pragya, Kanika, and Nisha got 9 Gold, 8 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.
  • 3rd Senior Narional Yogasana Championship was organized by NYSF in which Indu, Simran And Sarika participated.
  • Km. Yajyika won 1 gold, 1 silver, 3 Bronze medals in ‘Senior State Championship (for National selection)’ and got 2nd rank in a Prize Money Tournament held in Sonbhadra.
  • Manisha got 9th rank in NRAT (National Ranking Archery Tournament) organised in Jaipur.